About The Healer:

Emily DeVargas

Emily DeVargas

Emily DeVargas is a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner (HTP/I), a certified Sacred Activations Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Animal Healer, and an Intuitive Healing Practitioner. She is experienced in serving both humans and animals around the world.

Through Divine energy, Emily connects heart-to-heart to bring balance and harmony to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

One or more healing techniques are used to restore health and wholeness.

Energetic Allergy Healing Biologic Vet

Emily can be found at all DogLoverDays shows that feature the Health and Wellness booth!


"Emily DeVargas is truly amazing what she can do for animals. She has helped me numerous times in the past with Koda, so accurate and amazing and most recently a very detailed calming healing and information on physical ailments to correct for kitty. I can't recommend her enough if your pet needs help ♡"

Andrea E., Pet Owner


"I just want you to know... that I really appreciate you, your empathy to animals...and your deep connection with them ... you have helped many of our rescues... and I am so very grateful. xo"

Donna Coughlan, Allies for Alley Catz (rescue)


"Hi Emily,

You recently performed a healing on my 12 1/2 year old Labrador retriever. He has arthritis in his hips and has been showing signs of weakness in the past few months. During the healing you actually pin-pointed the pain there and worked on him in that area. Afterwards I immediately noticed he has been a lot spunkier and has been able to go for longer walks and he has even been getting up on the couch with me. That hasn't happened in a long time. Now he comes up all on his own. He comes and asks to go for walks which virtually never happened before. He was always too tired and probably too sore.

You also noticed something around his lungs. He has has a chronic cough since I adopted him 1 1/2 years ago. Prior to adopting him he lived with a smoker who smoked inside where I assume he developed the cough. His cough has subsided almost completely. He still coughs once in a while but compared to before its so much better. He used to cough when he was excited and when he barked. Now he rarely coughs.

I can't thank you enough! The healing you performed on him has truly made a difference in his quality of life. It's very evident that he is feeling better.

Thank you!

Leah G., Pet Owner


"We have a 17 year old cat, Nala, who we have seen start to walk gingerly with a limp over the last year due to age. Recently we introduced a kitten into the household and the kitten had pushed Nala down the stairs. Unfortunately Nala was not able to walk as one of her hind legs were hurt in the fall.
Emily Devargas was so kind to offer her "healing touch" gift on Nala. With in a very short period of time Nala's walking improved, over the next week we have seen dramatic improvement- she no longer walks with a limp. "

Joe G., Pet Owner


"Emily has done amazing work for my little kitty Shadow. When I adopted my cat he was very depressed, not eating, and was fainting multiple times a week. I went everywhere for weeks to try and find a vet who knew why he was fainting and to explain his behaviour to which I got no answer. It wasn't until I found Emily that I found out what was really happening.

Shadow's owner of 7 years (his entire life) had died only 2 months prior. He had been in a shelter for a month and was separated from his best cat friend and felt so lost and alone. Emily was able to clear Shadow of the trauma, and reassure him that he was in a safe home that wasn't going to abandon him like how he felt he had been.

Now my kitty is happy, has a healthy appetite, and adores our family. It has been months since he last fainted which is very reassuring! Thank you so much Emily for your wonderful work!"

Marie Claire R., Pet Owner


"Emily DeVargas has a heart of gold and definitely the healing touch. Our Boxer Paco had been acting very strange the past few months & our Vet said they don't see anything wrong with him after all his testing. We were blessed to be introduced to Emily at the Pet Expo whom kindly took the time to read Paco and help us!!! The message we received from her was amazing and bang on!! Both my husband and I had tears in our eyes, we are very grateful for helping Paco and us! Please if you want an amazing and healing experience for your pet and you please contact Emily."

Lynn Harrison Leighton, Pet Owner


"An amazing resource that is part of my overall health plan I'm so grateful for. Not only do I trust Emily DeVargas with my own energetic healing, but I trust her and Animal Healing Touch with Koda and kitty's health as well. She has amazing gifts combined with extensive healing education. She has been such a huge help emotionally, physically and spiritually for my family and I, and I've recommended her to many close friends and family who also trust her with their animals. It certainly helps to connect to the energetic and spiritual realms for a complete healthy picture. I'm grateful to have crossed paths with Emily. "

Andrea, Pet Owner


"I'm really grateful to Emily de Vargas because she has really helped with my three cats.

Pippin suffered from acne since she was 6 months old. When a cat has acne they tell you to switch to ceramic and metal bowls, which I did since the beginning. She is the only one who was able to identify Pippin's allergy to metal. Just one week after all the metal bowls were gone, the acne cleared up.

She has worked with her extensively on Pippin's allergies, on her pain, spine alignment (she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia) and on her fear of thunderstorms. She's still working with her and we are always surprised by her insights.

FanFan, our youngest, is a late bloomer and still hadn't finished teething, even after one year. One day she lost all her front lower teeth. Months passed and no teeth were coming out. We thought that she might be a toothless kitty, but after her second session with Emily her teeth started to push through.

FanFan has had a lot of inflammation, swallowing issues, and even bleeding gums. Two vets told us that the only thing they could do was testing to see if her teeth were still coming out, and then to wait. Still we have to clean her twice a day to avoid stomatitis. Weeks, months passes, sometimes she bled, I was so desperate that I was going to take her to see another vet. I was hopeless. I decided that I would give it a try with Emily first, and after only one session she started improving. She's still treating her for allergies and helping her with her teething.

She has treated Luna, the oldest for allergies.

I would recommend Emily widely. She's caring, compassionate and really professional and let me tell you that energy healing does work."

Evelyn, Pet Owner



August 12, 2016

Emily DeVargas featured in a Kingston Whig-Standard Article!

EMily and dog

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July 20, 2015

Dog Days of Scugog

Animal Healing touch appeared at The Dog Days of Scugog in Port Perry

July 13, 2015

St Thomas

Emily performing free Animal Healing Touch at DogLoversDays, St. Thomas

July 6, 2015


Emily and Animal Healing Touch was at DogLoversDays, Downsview Park, Toronto

June 14, 2015


Emily was at DogLoversDays, Woodstock

April 6, 2015

Healing at Pet Expo

Emily performed free Healing Touch at The Canadian Pet Expo, Mississauga

April 2, 2015

Healing in Grimsby

Emily performed Healing Touch in Grimsby at Dogs4Youth